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                                                                                                                        Sissades Tongsima, Ph.D.

Dear members of the Thai Society of Human Genetics,


As we enter a new year of scientific discovery and innovation, I would like to share with you some of my thoughts and aspirations for our society and our field.


Human genetics is a rapidly evolving discipline that can improve human health and well-being. We have seen remarkable advances in genomic technologies and applications that help us understand the genetic basis of diseases, traits and diversity.


However, we also face many challenges and opportunities in translating these discoveries into clinical practice and public health. One of the key factors for our success is bioinformatics.


Bioinformatics is the science of analyzing, interpreting and integrating large-scale biological data sets. It transforms raw genomic data into meaningful information that can inform diagnosis, prognosis, treatment and prevention.


Bioinformatics also leverages artificial intelligence, machine learning and big data analytics to uncover novel insights from complex biological systems.


Therefore, I believe that bioinformatics is one of the keys to render genomic medicine available for the public health. It is also a vital skill for human geneticists in the 21st century.


That is why I urge you all to embrace bioinformatics as an integral part of your research and education. I encourage you to learn new bioinformatics tools and methods, collaborate with bioinformaticians across disciplines and institutions,

and share your bioinformatics resources and expertise with others.


However, bioinformatics is not the only issue that we need to address in genomic medicine. We also need to keep up with new sequencing and genotyping technologies that can generate more accurate, comprehensive and cost-effective genomic data. We need to ensure that these technologies are accessible, affordable and ethical for all patients and populations.


We need to collaborate with other stakeholders to integrate genomic medicine

into the health care system safely and effectively.


We also need to reinforce the importance of genetic interpretation and counseling steps in genomic medicine. These steps are crucial for ensuring that patients understand their genomic results, receive appropriate guidance and support, and make informed decisions about their health care options.


I also urge you all to stay updated on the latest trends

and innovations in genomic technologies and applications.

I encourage you to explore new opportunities for using these technologies

to advance your research goals or address clinical needs.

I also encourage you to participate in dialogues and debates on how these technologies can impact society at large.


As a society, we are committed to supporting you in your bioinformatics and genomic medicine endeavors. We will continue to organize workshops,

seminars, courses and conferences on bioinformatics and genomic topics relevant to human genetics.


We will also facilitate networking and mentoring opportunities among our members who are interested or involved in bioinformatics or genomics.


Thank you for your attention

and your contribution to our society.




The President

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